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Logistics & Transport

Freedom of Movement

We strive to form a better future by creating a world where people can move freely and have access to the sustainable resources they need. 

HM-D nurtures a collective of vibrant logistics enterprises, committed to engineering resource-efficient solutions that empower global connectivity. We're dedicated to shaping a future where movement and meaningful impact thrive, seamlessly connecting people and resources through our endeavours.

Logistics Companies

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Connecting people and resources by managing the transportation and relocation of goods with a commitment to excellence.

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Enhancing capabilities through the supply of boat trailers, tiny house trailers, and plant machinery trailers.

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Providing access to equipment & products from companies within the HM-D group on a rental basis, sharing our resources.

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Developing the ability to economically transfer energy to support the needs of the HM-D group and of our customers.

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Tractor on a trailer

Better Connected

Seamlessly combining multi-generational experience with cutting-edge innovation, we merge past wisdom with modern technology to create a better, more connected future.

From lightweight material development & selection to more efficient equipment & vehicle operation, we strive to perfect energy-efficient practices and processes throughout our logistics & transport operations.

Working Together

HM-D owned companies operate both independently & collectively, depending on the requirements of the customer, project, or partner.

Beyond The Horizon

The HM-D  group of logistics companies focus on sustainable methods, employing careful practices to shape sustainable operations and provide reliable support.


With an eye on the horizon, we embrace the potential to push boundaries, pioneer new frontiers, and challenge what's possible, now and in the future.

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