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Property & Management

Living Spaces

Together we nurture habitants and enable people to thrive by providing & maintaining sustainably conscious living spaces that connect with nature.

HM-D manages a coalition of visionary property companies dedicated to creating spaces that enrich happiness, health & wellbeing rooted in sustainability. Our environmentally conscious & innovative approach to property development redefines contemporary living and protects our planet's future. We shape spaces that inspire, nurture, and contribute positively to the lives of all.

Property Companies

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Ethically sourcing residences, commercial spaces, and portfolios through principled practices and conscious selections.

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Developing land, flood plain and water into thriving habitats to support people & nature.

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Handling property sales, purchases and rentals of residential, commercial, and holiday spaces on land & water.



Sourcing & providing sustainable building materials. Managing eco-friendly property renovations & maintenance.

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Designs and builds stylish contemporary floating homes, studios and offices, connecting you with nature.

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Building beautiful & sustainable modular homes, utilising highly innovative methods of eco-construction.

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House Boat

In Tune

HM-D's group of property companies are a core part of the HM-D sustainable ecosystem as they enable us to balance economy with ecology in a physical space.

Adapting to a variety of requirements, the group provides property & services for residential, leisure, and commercial needs.

Working Together

HM-D owned companies operate both independently & collectively, depending on the requirements of the customer, project, or partner.

Naturally Beautiful

Collectively the HM-D group of property companies utilises sustainable materials and methods of construction, restores previously lost habitat, and provides beautiful spaces that draws people to them.


HM-D is focused on creating beautiful homes that bring joy and relaxation to people's lives, and breathtaking destinations for people to come and visit.

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